Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Whole New Ball Game (111/365)

2009 04 21 IMG_4233
"What does a mama bear on the pill have in common with the World Series?  No Cubs." 

Harry Caray (American radio and TV sportscaster, 1914-1998)

TIME: 6:57 PM
PLACE: Little League field dugout
SUBJECT: Baseball glove 

MonkeyBoy is on a new Little League team this year.  His coach from last year did not return and his old teammates have been assigned to different teams throughout the league.  He is on a team with many boys who go to my old Catholic grade school.  I wonder if I will see anyone I know at the games this year.  Tonight was practice.  HandsomeHusband usually accompanies him, but tonight, HH had a meeting to attend.  He dropped MonkeyBoy off at 6pm and I arrived about 6:45pm with StellaDella, DramaQueen and DQ's best friend.  It was a little windy and brisk out this evening.  I really hope it warms up soon.  Afterwards, I bought the kids ice cream...I didn't get any, it's not on my diet!   


Dot O said...

Great photo! Love it, and love your caption!

Sara G said...

Great photo. I hope your son enjoys playing ball. We love to go watch the kids play sports!!
Take care

bentonflocke said...

Fantastic arrangement! Love your shot!

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

Dot O - I take it you are not a CUBs (Can't Understand Baseball LOL) either? It's RedBird Nation where I live!

Sara G - He loves to play. His first game is Monday night. SD 1st T-ball game is this Saturday.

bentonflocke - I have the ballplayers to thank for the arrangement. Sometimes it's a good thing that boys just drop stuff on the ground! ;)