Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Shot In The Arm (335/365)

2009 12 01 IMG_2514
Without health, there is no point.  To anything. 

Everett Mámor

TIME:  3:58 PM
PLACE:  The study
SUBJECT:  My bandage (picture taken by HH)

I was a good mom, finally.  The county had seasonal influenza vaccinations available and so I took the kids to get their flu shots.  I picked them up from school at 2:30pm.  They were excited to leave school a half hour early.  That excitement lasted about 5 minutes until I told them where they were going.    MonkeyBoy volunteered to go first and he took his shot like it was nothing.  DramaQueen followed suit, I got mine, then it was StellaDella’s turn.  She was a little more vocal about the initial stick, but she recovered quickly.

On another note, a couple of weeks ago, HandsomeHusband purchased SD 4 additional goldfish to keep Dorothy company.  This evening, we had a tragedy…we found a “floater” in the goldfish aquarium.   The deceased was one of the new guys.  SD did NOT take it well.  RIP my gold friend, RIP.  


Rose DesRochers said...

Glad to hear. My daughter had h1n1 last month.

Dot O said...

Glad you got your shots! Hubby and I got ours a few weeks ago. Only the second time I have ever gotten one.

The only downside to having fish is finding floaters.. I hope the rest have a nice long life for SD!