Friday, January 8, 2010

The Unknown Comic (008/365)

2010 01 08 IMG_3397w 
Unknown Comic[calling to Chuck Barris] Hey Chuckie-baby, where are you Chuckie?  Chuckie! Aaah, I knew it was you, ‘cause I never forget a face…but in your case I’ll make an exception!

The Gong Show. Dir. John Dorsey, Terry Kyne. Performer: Murray Langston. NBC. 1976-1978. Syndicated. 1976-1980.

TIME:  7:11 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT:  StellaDella

Another snow day for the kids today.  I went into work for awhile in the morning.  This evening we picked up supper from a fish stand that we like to frequent.  The Styrofoam containers were packed in this paper bag, which SD decided need to be made into a mask.  She drew on the features and DramaQueen and I cut them out for her.  I tried to get her to tell me some jokes, but she was too interested in watching Animal Planet on TV.


Mari said...

What a funny kid! You'll be glad you got this picture!

Jennifer McDougall said...

This is hilarious! Great picture. :)

maresi said...

How funny!

SaraG said...

hahahaha, that is a great photo!
Such a funny girl!