Saturday, January 9, 2010

Grocery Carts (009/365)

2010 01 09 IMG_3403w 
“You've got bad eating habits if you use a grocery cart in 7-Eleven.”

Dennis Miller (American stand-up comedian, political commentator, actor, sports commentator, and television and radio personality, b1953)

TIME:  6:16 PM
PLACE:  Schnucks – West end of town
SUBJECT:  Grocery carts

I went grocery shopping this evening, something I get depressed doing these days.  The combination of the higher prices and the increase in food consumption of our family (darn those pesky kids of ours!) makes getting out of there without spending a fortune quite the challenge.  I try to stick to what is on sale and use coupons, but it still seems to cost quite a bit even when I do that.  If we could just all stop needing to eat, we’d have a lot more money in the bank.


SaraG said...

COOL Photo!!
It is hard to get out of the grocery store for less then $100 these days and that is without buying meats!!
I don't like going either, but don't want to starve!!

Mari said...

I love the photo - very creative! I've only got one kid home anymore and I still spend too much on groceries!

Susan said...

Great photo of some lonely, empty shopping carts after they were probably so busy for the holidays.