Saturday, January 16, 2010

At The Car Wash (016/365)

2010 01 16 IMG_3587w
You might not ever get rich
But let me tell ya it's better that diggin' a ditch.
There ain't no tellin' who ya might meet. .
A movie star or may be even an Indian Chief.

(Workin' at the) car wash.
Workin' at the car wash yeah !
Come on and sing it with me car wash.
Get with the feelin' y'all car wash yeah.”

Whitfield, Norman.  "Car Wash."  Lyrics. Perf. Rose Royce.  Car Wash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  MCA, 1976.

TIME:  3:47 PM
PLACE:  Super Wash
SUBJECT:  Wash Bay Interior

Since the temperature was above freezing, I and about a ka-jillion other people decided to wash the salt and yuck off our automobiles.  I emptied out the trash (I couldn’t believe how much there was – wait -actually with 3 kids, I can) and even vacuumed the interior of the Jeep.  There was quite a line for the touch-less, automatic wash, but it moved pretty quickly and I didn’t have to wait long for my turn.  I wish I would have framed the shot to have the complete sign in it. *shrugs*  Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, this is the picture I have for today.

And admit it, that song pops into your mind whenever you are at the car wash.


Monica said...

I want to wash my car so badly, but the temps up north are still in the 20's and since I park outside ... well ... just not a good idea if I want to get back into my car before spring!

Jennifer McDougall said...

Cool shot! My car is a mess but I give up for now. ;)

SaraG said...

COOL photo!!
I need to have my car, hubbies truck and our two work trucks washed BADLY. It rained all day today so no washing!!
Maybe this week since temps are supposed to be in the low 40's.
Take care

Mari said...

I took mine for a wash on Saturday for the same reason - and as I went through, I thought I should have my camera with me!

Christina said...

Nice shot! It's been too cold to wash cars here, and then it's been rainy; maybe later this week . . .