Saturday, January 2, 2010

Salt & Pepper (002/365)

2010 01 02 IMG_3309w
Never trust a skinny chef


TIME:  5:52 PM
PLACE:  My sister’s kitchen
SUBJECT:  Salt & pepper shakers

The Bean turned 4 (going on 32!) on December 29th and my sister had her birthday party this afternoon.  These figures stand about 7-8 inches tall and are part of a set of 4 shakers.  The other two shakers are labeled “SUGAR” and “FLOUR”.  The caricature is one of a swarthy Italian (or Sicilian) chef.  This set of shakers originally belonged to my paternal grandparents and now sit on a shelf in a corner cabinet at my sister’s house.


bentonflocke said...

These shakers are great and a wonderful memory

Mari said...

These are so cute!

Susan said...

I like your quote about not trusting skinny chefs--may have to hang that in my kitchen. The salt and pepper shakers have wonderful character and are good sized, too.