Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sled (012/365)

2010 01 12 IMG_3550w 
[first lines]
Charles Foster Kane: Rosebud. 

Citizen Kane. Dir. Orson Welles. Perfs. Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton. RKO Radio Pictures, 1941.

TIME:  3:56 PM
PLACE:  Backyard

My “day off” today.  I returned an item to Best Buy, went to the mall to get my refund from another return earlier this month (I had originally paid with a check, so they issued a voucher which I could redeem after 10 days) and then came home and attacked the dust bunnies that have invaded my bedroom.  As I was cleaning the cat nose prints off the window, I noticed the sled sitting in the yard.  It provided the perfect excuse to take a break - “Sorry, I can’t clean anymore..I must go take a picture for my blog.” 


Jennifer McDougall said...

Great shot! I have a sled like that and I love it. It's a great prop for pictures. A few years ago I took a picture of mine leaning up against an old stone barn wall and it turned out really nicely. Thanks for always inspiring me! I love your blog and always love how cohesive your posts are. I love how you fabulously match your images with your stories and quotes. Love it!

Lucy Corrander said...

That looks like a very efficient sledge. It certainly looks good. I'd be frightened going down a hill but I'd like to be towed around on it a bit!


Monica said...

Now *this* is a sled (and a wonderful photo). Plastic saucers just don't do sledding justice!

SaraG said...

Great photo!!
I often quit doing one thing to just take pictures!!!
After today our temperatures are supposed to get up in the 40's for the next THREE days!
I guess our snow will be melting soon!!

Michelle said...

Love this shot. It composed perfectly.

bentonflocke said...

wow that´s a fantastic ans special sledge!