Saturday, January 21, 2012

Condiments (021/366)

2012 01 21 DSCF9324w
“Americans can eat garbage, provided you sprinkle it liberally with ketchup, mustard, chili sauce, Tabasco sauce, cayenne pepper, or any other condiment which destroys the original flavor of the dish”

Henry Miller quotes (American Author and Writer, 1891-1980)

TIME:  5:58 PM
PLACE:  Kretzer's Grill & Bar, Hoyleton, IL
SUBJECT:  Condiments on table

The HH and I had dinner with a friend of his and his wife to celebrate HH’s and his friend’s upcoming January birthdays.  HH took this photo while we were seated at our table and waiting for our friends to arrive.  He and his friend ordered the all you can eat crab legs for their entrees.  I think the restaurant lost money on that order.

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