Thursday, January 12, 2012

Saputos (012/366)

2012 01 12 IMG_9050w
Capt. McCluskey: How's the Italian food in this restaurant?
Sollozzo: Good. Try the veal, it's the best in the city.
Capt. McCluskey: I'll have it.

The Godfather (Sterling Hayden, Al Lettieri performers, Francis Ford-Coppola-director, 1972)

TIME:  2:12 PM
PLACE:  Springfield, IL
SUBJECT:  Neon Sign

I had a meeting at noon in Springfield today.  And just to make the day even more special…we had our first accumulating snowfall of the season this morning.  It was very windy and the snow was blowing across the highways, obscuring our vision for much of the trip, making the drive a fun and exciting challenge (hmm, not sure if the sarcastic tone is coming through – note to self, locate a sarcasm font for future posts).  The silver lining?  I was able to eat some very delicious Italian food at lunch. Complimenti alla cuoco.


Julia said...

The color of you picture is fantastic.
We have no snow this winter in Germany. The weather is like spring.

Sujomi said...

Julia - Thanks Julia, I used a Photoshop action called "Seventies" that helped with that coloring. I thought it was appropriate for the picture.