Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vending Wall Of Delights (026/366)

2012-01-26 12-29-51_42w
Maggie Sibley: Well, I know that if you think life is a vending machine, where you put in virtue and you get out happiness, then you'll probably gonna be disappointed.

"Time Flies."
Six Feet Under. 27 June 2005. Television.

TIME:  12:53 PM
PLACE:  Chinese buffet entrance
SUBJECT:  Vending machines
(taken with my cell phone)

I met the HH for lunch today at a nearby Chinese buffet. (We get the “date” time together when we can!)  During lunch I asked him if he like my photo yesterday and it was then that I realized my photos over the last 3rd days have been of something either on or against a wall.   Well, I guess since I have I theme happening, I need to name it - Week of Walls – all rights reserved (ha!) and need to keep it going.  Here are vending machines against the wall in the entrance area to the restaurant.  I was very tempted to part with 50 cents for one of those string dolls in the upper left machine.  But I didn’t.


Julia said...

great picture.

Sujomi said...

Julia - I wish I had a bunch of quarters to put in them!