Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gymnasium (024/366)

2012 01 24 _MG_9509w
“The moment I felt sure I had everything under control would invariably be the moment right before the principal called to report that one of my sons had just driven somebody's motorcycle through the high school gymnasium.”

Mary Kay Blakely (20th century), U.S. journalist, essayist, author and mother. American Mom, prologue (1994).

TIME:  5:02 PM
PLACE:  A junior high school.
SUBJECT:  Metal Gymnasium letters

MonkeyBoy had his first volleyball game at a rival junior high school this evening at 5:00pm.  (They won.)  I was a little late getting there from work.  And once I arrived, I was then even a little later because before I went inside, I stopped to take a photo of the metal letters spelling out G-Y-M-N-A-S-I-U-M on the brick wall outside.  Yep, I’m mother-of-the-year.  Well, anyway, I am excited because now it’s still light out at 5pm.  Yippee!

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