Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tent & Lights (168/366)

2012 06 16 IMG_2224w
“It's always something”

Gilda Radner (American Actress and Comedian, 1946-1989)

TIME:  8:58 PM
PLACE:  Wine tasting
SUBJECT:  Tent & lights

Tonight I went with my old college roommate and a friend from high school to a wine tasting/fundraising event.  I needed it after taking MB to a friends house for a birthday party.  I was not paying attention when I was pulling up to his friend’s house.  I clipped the curb with my front passenger wheel and immediately heard a laud “hisssssssssssss” as the tire quickly deflated due to a gash I inflicted on the side of the tire. Crap.  The father of MB’s friend and another dad were super sweet and helped me by putting the spare on while I was waiting for HH.  We ended up buying four new tires for said Miata.  The tread was getting low and we were planning on purchasing new tires in the fall anyway – but still….that wasn’t in the plans for today

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