Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Lost My Marbles (070/365)

2009 03 11 IMG_2017 
"It is not about the marbles, but about the game”

Dutch Proverb

TIME: 5:58 PM 
PLACE: Living Room floor 
SUBJECT: Marbles

I am my son's Webelos Den Leader and we had a den meeting last night.  Well, my son and I did, as no one else showed up!  We worked on our Sportsman activity badge.  One of the requirements is to complete a belt loop for two individual sports.  We had done skating in October and I thought that learning to play marbles would be a good one for a den meeting.  We learned about "lagging', "knuckling down",  "lofting", "histing", and many other marble terms.  I've never played marbles in my life before last night.  MonkeyBoy kept playing this morning and this afternoon.  Have you ever played marbles?


Christina said...

My husband and son both have a collection of marbles.

Ev said...

No, can't say that I have! Hope you had fun!

Robert Hill said...

Really cool picture I love the angle and the depth of field...

Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

Christina - The marble I bought were from the dollar store, nothing special to them. I'll bet your guys' have some really nice ones.

Ev - We did. Monkeyboy kicked my butt and won every single game!

Robert - Thanks! I've really been playing around with the macro on the camera. I find it fascinating.

Lucy Corrander said...

I've never found the game even slightly interesting and tend to think it provides an example of a male/female psychological divide. (Playing with your son is different!) But some marbles are so very beautiful, I wish I did enjoy playing with them! And the feel of them in your hand can be lovely too - especially some of the larger ones.


Sara G said...

Great marble shot!! I used to love playing marbles in elementary school!! I would come home with pockets full of marbles...wonder what ever happened to them!!
Great great photo!!
Thanks so much for sharing and also for the memories it brought back !!

Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

lucy - While I enjoyed the time with my son, the game was not one I could really get into.

Sara G - So you played for "keepsies" then? I would definately lose all my marbles if that was the case. I couldn't get a hang of the game at all!

Oz Girl said...

Love the depth of field here, the glows in the marbles.... great photo! ;)