Friday, March 20, 2009

And the Worms Crawl In (079/365)

2009 03 20 IMG_2266 
"I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm."

Franklin D. Roosevelt (American, President, Governor, Secretary of the Navy,  Senator, Lawyer  1882-1945)

TIME: 9:42 AM
PLACE:  Mother's Day Out

This week has been brought to you by the letter "W" at Mother's Day Out.  Having been though the alphabet with the older two children, I knew that today would present a photo opportunity with worms.  It was funny, all the girls were gathered around the table with the tin pie pans giggling and picking up the worms and the boys were at the second table playing with a whale bubble maker. 


Christina said...

I'm not one of those girls who will pick up a worm!

Photojenni said...

Well when I go fishing with my husband and son, I get stuck with the worms. Not that I don't like them. I have to bait their hook and before I get my baited, they are ready for more. All in all it is fun!

bentonflocke said...

great worm shot - sure the girls were giggling....

About your question... the fish in the rolls is fried herring!

Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

Christina - That's ok, I can handle worms, but spiders creep me out!

Photojenni - My dad taught me how to bait a hook when I was younger. I haven't been fishing in quite some time.

bentonflocke - I've never had fried herring...must try it!

Oz Girl said...

Ok, being honest here, but worms AND spiders creep me out. Worms are just so smushy, oooooooh. But snakes don't bother me, go figure.

Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

Oz Girl - I'm with you on the spiders! NOT my favs.