Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sign of a High Class Motel (060/365)

2009 03 01 IMG_1704 
“A chicken and an egg check in to a cheap motel room. Moments later the chicken sits up against the headboard and lights a cigarette.

The egg says, 'Well, that settles that.' ”


TIME: 4:40 PM
PLACE: Sleepy Hollow Motel, Rt. 13
SUBJECT: Neon Sign

I originally noticed this sign on our trip out of town today.  My father-in-law cooked some turtle soup as part of a fund raiser at a tavern in his hometown.  So we went there to partake in some good eats.  After we returned, I left the house with the intention of taking a few photos at a cemetery.  I spent about 45 minutes there, but just wasn't getting what I wanted.  I remembered this sign and drove up, parked and took the picture.  I'm getting less and less self-conscious when taking photographs.  I'm not completely at ease yet, but eventually I'll get there!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

OMGosh - you have inspired me. We have loads of those "no tell" motels down the road a bit from us. Their signs are equally hilarious!

Mari said...

I love this one! I'm getting more at ease about taking pictures too, but my hubby isn't too sure when he is with me!

Dot O said...

I think we should all go on a shoot together so that we can overcome our self consciousness of taking photos out in public.

I love this shot!!

Christina said...

Great photo! I'm getting more comfortable in some settings, and I think my husband is getting more used to me having my camera with me all the time, and knowing that I'll probably take a pic of something! :)

Sujomi said...

ETW - We have a few more "no tells" around this area that I plan to capture..the old neon signs are great!

Mari - HH is very encouraging, I'm the one who hesitates.

Dot O - I'm game!

Sujomi said...

Christina - I have a feeling that we'll convert ourselves and our families whether we like it or not. ;)