Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Sound Does a Worm Make? (062/365)

2009 03 03 IMG_1742
"Wake from thy nest, robin redbreast!
Sing, birds, in every furrow,
And from each bill let music shrill
Give my fair Love good morrow!"

Thomas Heywood (1575?-1650), British dramatist. The Rape of Lucrece (l. 11-14). . . Oxford Book of English Verse, The, 1250-1918. Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. (New ed., rev. and enl., 1939) Oxford University Press.

TIME: 1:18 PM
PLACE: The Front Yard
SUBJECT: A robin

On my way to the grocery store (yet again), I snapped this picture of a robin who was in our front yard.  Fortunately, this is a section of lawn that has not been christened by dog bombs.  The children were sent out after school today to partake in one of their least favorite chores:  scooping the poop.  I told them that since It has been extremely cold these past few days, the waste should be frozen, making it easier to scoop.  They weren't very appreciative of my observation.  Ah, the joys of dog ownership.


Mari said...

Nice pic of a robin. I haven't seen any of them around here yet.
Yes - the poop scooping is a great joy!

Christina said...

What a great Robin pic!

Dot O said...

Great photo of the robin! I'm sure they do hear something....

I sent my son out on Sunday with the same "observation". I wanted it all picked up before the snow storm. I stood at the door uttering the exact words you stated, "It'll be easier-they're frozen".

Us moms, we gotta stick together!

Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) said...

Mari - I've been seeing quite a few robins lately.

Christina - Some of my best shots are from the car window! LOL

Dot O - *giggle* I knew I wasn't the only one with the "frozen poop is easier to scoop" line!