Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes (041/365)

2010 02 10 IMG_4299w 
“Six! Six! I’m six! I’m six! I’m six years old today!
I’m six! I’m six! I’m six years old today!
I’m more than one.
I’m more than two.
I’m more than three.
I’m much more than four.
I’m even more than five.
Can you guess how old I am?”

”I’m Six Years Old Today”, Sesame Street

TIME:  5:05 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Cupcakes

StellaDella spent her 6th birthday at home sick today.  But, she had company – DramaQueen – who has a nasty upper-respiratory infection.  Good times, good times.  We are having the family party on Friday at my brother’s house, a combo party with my niece Brandi whose 18th birthday is tomorrow.  I hope everyone recovers by then.  SD requested a “Bolt” (from the animated movie) cake  from the grocery store for the party and that has been ordered.  Today, though, she and I made a chocolate batter (from scratch even, just call me Martha Stewart!) and she wanted to bake it as cupcakes and one single round layer, all with red frosting.  What the birthday girl asks for, she receives.  I arranged the cupcakes in the shape of a “6” – she thought that was pretty neat.  I fear that I will not be able to impress her much longer with little things like this – she’s growing up too fast.  Happy Birthday StellaDella!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday Stella Della! Hope you feel better!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday, StellaDella! I LOVE your birthday cupcakes. Hope you're feeling much better very soon!

Ev said...

Happy Birthday Stella Della! hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry she has to spend her birthday sick....but happy birthday to her.

Love the angle.