Saturday, February 6, 2010

Duel Master (037/365)

2010 02 06 IMG_4208w
Yugi Moto: Now I will go on the attack with Mammoth Graveyard, Polymerization, and the Living Arrow card.
Seto Kaiba: What's a Living Arrow card?
Yugi Moto: I tell you. Normally, I make a fusion with my cards but for a change, Living Arrow allows me to fuse my cards with my opponent's cards opening up bold new possibilities. Now I will use the magic of the Living Arrow to fuse my Mammoth Graveyard to the heart of your beast. However, since my Mammoth Graveyard is an undead type monster, it can't properly fuse with your living Ultimate Dragon. Instead, it will cause your dragon to rot and decay from the inside out and since Mammoth Graveyard has a total of 1200 attack points, that means your Dragon will lose 1200 attack and defense points each turn until even my weakest monsters can destroy it.

Kazuki Takahashi, Yu-Gi-Oh, Perf. Dan Green & Eric Stuart, Toei Animation, 1998-2006.

TIME:  10:33 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT:  StellaDella’s trading card game

I went to a home jewelry party tonight at my friend Denise’s and SD and DramaQueen came with me.  SD brought a stack of old fundraising tickets with her from our house and the first thing she did when we arrived was to ask Denise for some markers to use.  Then she made her way downstairs to the playroom.  She was occupied the entire time we were there making her own Yu-Gi-Oh type card game.  She even recruited Denise’s son to draw a couple of characters…“Light-no Man” is one of them.  All the others are done by SD.  She named the characters and gave each of them specific attack and defense powers, which she noted by initials on the back of the card.  There are 28 cards in her deck right now.  She told me that tomorrow she will be making more, so would I please find her some markers.  I am just amazed by her imagination.


bentonflocke said...

great and interesting shots of the last days.
SD is very talented - fantastic idea, with her own trading cards

Christina said...

StellaDella is very creative! Great idea.