Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pajamas (034/365)

2010 02 03 IMG_3990w 
“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know.”

Groucho Marx (American Comedian, Actor and Singer, 1890-1977)

TIME:  9:35 PM
PLACE:  By my computer
SUBJECT:  Pajama pants

Oy, what a day.  At work today, my PC froze up, then the monitor would not work.  So I switched out the monitor…still didn’t work.  Called the outside computer vendor we use and they came by the office and took the unit in to see what’s up.  Here’s hoping it’s just the video card.  Apparently, 2010 is not looking to be a good year for me and computers. ~ This evening was the wake for my Aunt.  I just hoped I could get through it without falling apart and I did fine.  I arrived at the funeral home about 4:30ish.  HH brought the kids with him in a seperate car.  DQ, MB and SD found the food spread in the lounge area and were thus occupied.  HH took the two younger ones home a little after 6 and DQ stayed with me until 8pm.  I will be going back tomorrow for the procession to church for mass and then to the cemetery.  It will just be me, the kids are going to school and HH will be going to work. ~ When I returned home tonight, I changed into a huge sweatshirt and my comfy PJ pants.  I put my feet up and am sitting at the computer to relax a bit before I head off to bed.  Goodnight.


Monica said...

Those look amazingly snuggly. I'm envious - not of your day, but definitely of your PJ's.

Michelle said...

I always enjoy your quotes!

Susan said...

I love your quotes and always wonder where you get them from because they are so fitting for your images. You can never beat a soft pair of pajamas and fuzzy bathrobes.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.