Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowdrops (036/365)

2010 02 05 IMG_4161w
“A lot of people like snow.  I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”

Carl Reiner (American, Actor, film director, producer, writer and comedian, b1922)

TIME:  9:02 PM
PLACE:  Backyard
SUBJECT:  Freezing snow on branch

We are supposed to get hit with 2-4 inches of the white stuff by tomorrow morning.  I went out to take some photos and I was shaking so much that most of them turned out blurry.  I know, I know…I should use a tripod!  But, I was lazy and just didn’t feel like hauling that outside with me.  Right now, we’ve got a mixture of snow and rain going on.  I wonder what it will look like outside when I wake up tomorrow morningShould be interesting.


Susan said...

I had the same problem today in trying to get snow in focus. The wind was howling, I was shivering, snow was on the lens. Yours came out very nice though. We are in quite a snowstorm here, too.

Mari said...

This is a nice shot! I agree with the quote too!

Oz Girl said...

A great pic, love it! You sound like me, I'm always lazy about the darned tripod. I was thinking I really should take it out today and get some snow shots, who knows, maybe even a few of ME {gasp} since I could use my remote shutter release. We'll see if it really comes to pass, LOL.

Monica said...

Tripod? What's a tripod? I think you did a fabulous job!