Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ghost Vines (115/365)

2010 04 25 IMG_6295w 
“Everything that ever walked or crawled on the face of the earth, swum the depths of the ocean or soared through the skies left its imprint here.”

Robert M. Fresco, and Jack Arnold. Dr. Matt Hastings (John Agar), Tarantula, Looking out at the desert. (1955).

TIME:  5:25 PM
PLACE:  High Street
SUBJECT:  Vine imprints on house

Ivy had been removed off the side of this brick building several years ago.  The impressions have remained.  It was raining when I took this photo through the front windshield of my car – if you ~click~ to make the picture larger, you can see a number of rain drops blurring parts of the photo.

A special shout out to Dad, who suggested this photo! 


Mari said...

Nice suggestion from your Dad - I think this is a great photo!

Michelle said...

Cool shot...pain in the butt having to remove those vine remains. :)