Sunday, April 18, 2010

StellaDella At Bat (108/365)

2010 04 18 IMG_6058w
“Don't tell me about the world.  Not today.  It's springtime and they're knocking baseball around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball.” 

Pete Hamill (American, journalist, columnist, novelist, and short story writer. b. 1935)

TIME:  2:40 PM
PLACE:  Little League Fields
SUBJECT:  StellaDella

SD had her first T-ball game of the season this afternoon.  This year, a pitching machine is utilized; the girls have 5 chances to hit the ball pitched by the machine.  If they don’t, then the tee is brought out for them.  SD made contact both times she was up to bat!  I think she surprised herself.


Mari said...

Yay StellaDella!

Christina said...

Perfect capture on this shot!
Yay StellaDella!!! :)

bentonflocke said...

I totally agree with Christina! perfect captured and Yay SD

Jennifer said...

Congrats StellaDella!!! Great shot and great story. :)

Monica said...

I so miss these days! Thanks for the memories!!