Saturday, May 29, 2010

1843 Bonded Whiskey (149/365)

 2010 05 29 IMG_7299w
“Four blessings upon you - Older whiskey - Younger women - Faster horses - More money

Anonymous Toast

TIME:  11:09 AM
PLACE:  Missouri Ave., East St. Louis, IL
SUBJECT:  David Nicholson 1843 Bonded Whiskey sign

Went to “The Hill” in St. Louis this morning for cheese, bread, salami and olives.  I took this picture on the way back home.  I have always liked this sign and took my first photo of it back on March 27, 2007.

David Nicholson 1843 Bonded Whiskey Signage

As you can see, it has deteriorated since then.  The “8” has started to break apart and the “3” has continued its descent into ruins. Bummer.  It’s still a cool sign though and I like the grass and the pigeons it now sports on the bottom ledge.


Mari said...

It's a very cool old sign!

bentonflocke said...

nice old sign!

Monica said...

This sign just keeps getting better with age.