Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin (137/365)

2010 54 17 IMG_6671w 
“Robin's here in coat of brown,
And scarlet breast-knot gay.”

William Allingham (Irish Man of letter and Poet. 1824-1889)

TIME:  3:11 PM
PLACE:  Back yard

Another gray day, with rain late last night and in the very early hours of the morning.  It was a cool day – kind of reminded me more of a fall day than springtime.  Rumor has it that we are supposed to have clouds and sun tomorrow…we can only hope.  As I was leaving to go to the grocery store this afternoon, I saw this guy sitting on our fence.  Looking at his nice orange-red chest helps to chase away the gloom of the day.


Mari said...

Nice close-up!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic shot and a little bit colour in these grey days. You are right seems to be more autumn than spring

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous bird.