Friday, May 28, 2010

Swimming Pool (148/365)

2010 05 28 IMG_7324w 
“Blue skies with no clouds,
Hot afternoons can get you down and make you sweaty.
Mid-summer sun bake,
I know exactly what we should do and I think you're ready.
Gonna stay cool, cool, cool at the swimming pool.
Gonna stay cool, cool, cool at the swimming pool.”

Trout Fishing In America. "Swimming Pool." *Mine!*. By Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. Trout Records, 1994. CD.

TIME:  3:40 PM
PLACE:  Back yard
SUBJECT:  StellaDella in the pool

I caved and purchased an 8-foot quick set pool on Tuesday and HandsomeHusband helped me set it up yesterday.  It’s been a big hit, not only with my kids but many others in the neighborhood.  I knew that it would draw children like a magnet.  I am going to be the wicked witch of R--- Avenue and limit the number of guests allowed in the pool.  I feel bad telling the neighborhood kids “No” (I’m pretty sure that many are home by themselves all day due to working parents and are bored and looking for something to do), but I am not operating a swimming/latch-key establishment for the neighborhood this summer.  Did I just sound like my mother?  I believe I did.  I guess it’s appropriate being that it would have been her 68th birthday today. 


bentonflocke said...

the best for hot days - great fun for children!

Mari said...

Fun times coming up! I agree with you about all the neighbor kids. Too many is dangerous and can be too much for your kids to enjoy the pool.

Christina said...

Love the composition of this photo!

Monica said...

Ahhh to be able to sit in a cool(ish) pool on a warm spring day. Love the colors and composition of this!