Friday, May 14, 2010

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others (134/365)

2010 05 14 IMG_0704w
“One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?”

"One of These Things." written by Joe Raposo, Jon Stone and Bruce Hart. First appeared on Sesame Street, Episode 001, Nov 10, 1969.

TIME:  9:45 PM
PLACE:  Grade School gym

StellaDella’s Daisy scout troop had a sleep-over at the school this evening for their final activity of the school year.  I bit the bullet and volunteered to spend the night and help out with the activities.  They ate pizza and salad; gussied up dollar store flip flops with strips of fabric; decorated hair elastics with tulle and handcrafted yarn pom poms; did some dancing with the Wii and finally watched “The Tooth Fairy” and “Akeelah and the Bee” while eating popcorn and nachos.  The last girl fell asleep about 1:45am Saturday morning.  Yeah, I’m tired.

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bentonflocke said...

cool shot! Poor you... hope you´ll get more sleep tonight!!