Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cuts Like A Knife (142/365)

2010 05 22 IMG_0858w 
"Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." 

Russell Baker (American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer known for his satirical commentary and self-critical prose, b1925)

TIME:  8:43 PM
PLACE:  Bathtub
SUBJECT: StellaDella’s upper back

Good gravy, did that girl gave herself some major grass cuts at my godchild’s graduation party this afternoon or what?  That is what happens when you are fair-skinned, wear a halter top and decide to roll down the grassy hill at your Uncle’s house.  Apparently, my brother is some sort of secret evil botanist and cultivates a special type of razor-sharp grass.  *wink*  Summer hasn’t even officially begun and already she has enough cuts on her body to last past next Christmas.  *shakes head*  I’ve got a feeling that It’s going to be a long, rough summer.


Mari said...

Ouch! I've never seen anything like that. Poor kid!

Christina said...

OMG! I think it is evil grass! Poor StellaDella!

bentonflocke said...

poor StellaDella!