Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ladder & Pipes (204/365)

2011 07 23 _MG_3707w
“You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.”

Andrew Carnegie (Scottish born American Industrialist and Philanthropist. 1835-1919)

TIME:  7:26 PM
PLACE:  Unfinished room
SUBJECT:  Early evening light on ladder and temporary plumbing

Due to unforeseen time and money issues, the remolding we planned to do to our bathrooms has been at a standstill.  And, the more I ponder and analyze the reasons why the project is moving at such a snail’s pace, I’ve come to the conclusion that another driving force is the complicated plumbing & sewer issues the remodeling entails.  Temporary pipes must be put in place so we can still use the one bathroom we do have while the old sewer stack is removed; a new stack must be installed and old sewer line under the basement floor has to be replaced.  THAT involved busting up the concrete floor in the basement (a very messy and smelly job).  After all that line is replaced (and who knows when that will be done), new concrete will have to be poured.  Why does the phrase “money pit” keep creeping into my mind?

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Mari said...

Oh yes - I've lived that! And when you finish that project, another awaits!