Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Glider (183/365)

2011 05 28 IMG_2314w
Glider before: May 28, 2011

2011 07 02 _MG_3109
”Occasionally we all inherit, or are given, or get something or some things that are too good to use for a variety of seemingly sound but really quite silly reasons-they’re heirlooms or too rare or too expensive or too fragile or too pretty. The result is heirloom linen handed down from generation to generation that falls apart when some benighted heiress decides to air it. While I’m glad that past generations saved some things we now enjoy, we are enjoying them by using them instead of carefully storing them for our kids-in turn to store. Unused beautiful things are a waste.”

Malcolm Forbes

TIME:  8:08 PM
PLACE:  Front porch
SUBJECT:  …and glider after.

Finally, after an unplanned break (Bwahahaha! *wipes tears from eyes*  Get it? I “broke” my wrist and there was a “break” in finishing my project? *sigh* I do love me a good pun), I finished restoring my paternal grandmother’s metal glider.  It only took three trips to the hardware store – the first to pick up the bolts, nuts and lock washers; a second to pick up plastic caps that I forgot the first time; then a third time for one more bolt and two more nuts because apparently I couldn’t count correctly.  But, I got her put together and now she sits on the front porch for our gliding pleasure. 

Now lets see her again from a slightly different angle…before:

2011 05 28 IMG_2318w


2011 07 02 _MG_3111w


And here are some very early befores:

My dad determined that this would have been around 1954-1955ish.  That is his dog, Cindy.  The car in the background is a 1
949 Plymouth.

This photo was taken in the summer of 1964.  My great-aunt Teresa (my paternal grandfather’s sister) is sitting on the glider, my paternal grandmother (Ignazia or Edna) is sitting next to her on the metal chair and that’s my mom sitting in the lawn chair on the far right - she’s pregnant with my oldest brother Michael.  That glider and the chair have been around for awhile…I’m honored to have them on my porch.


Mari said...

It's a treasure! It looks great in it's refurbished state too.

Christina said...

Wow! Love your new (vintage) glider. You did a great job restoring it! Great color! Also enjoyed seeing the old family photos. Hugs!