Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sadly, We All Find It Funny (190/365)

2011 07 09 IMG_0009w
“You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.”

Dave Barry (American Writer and Humorist best known for his weekly newspaper column. b.1947)

TIME:  10:32 PM
PLACE:  My brother’s house
SUBJECT:  Answer slips

We celebrated my nephew’s birthday at my oldest brother’s house this evening.  It was the last night spent with my California brother and his family before they fly home tomorrow.  We ended up playing a game called “Things” – basically everyone writes an answer to a posed question and your job is to match up each player with the answer they gave.  It didn’t take long before the “farts”, “poops”, “boobs” and several R-rated phrases appeared in the written answers – usually in duplicate.  And, since apparently all of us have the intellectual maturity of a 12 year-old boy, we giggled and snickered each time they were read.  ‘Cause that’s how my family rolls.


Mari said...

Ha! Lots of laughs!

bentonflocke said...

sounds like a really funny evening!