Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scarred Siblings (187/365)

2011 07 06 IMG_3241w
“Comparison is a death knell to sibling harmony.”

Elizabeth Fishel (journalist and author)

TIME:  8:32 PM
PLACE:  Dad’s kitchen
(taken by HandsomeHusband)

My brother and his family are in town from California for the week.  Tonight we had pizza at Dad’s house with them along with my sister and her children.  I showed everyone my scar and that led to we siblings comparing our injuries.  My brother had broken both of his wrists several years ago (it’s a long story, but it involves a radar gun, a race and a brick wall-it’s actually quite entertaining) and he has scars – although faded - on both wrists like the one on mine.  My sister had cut herself when she was younger, by putting her arm though a neighbor’s basement door glass window, which left her with a scar on her wrist.  Of course we had to take a photo for posterity and, more importantly, the blog.

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