Saturday, July 30, 2011

Up With The Glass (211/365)

2011 07 30 DSCF8967w
"Life, alas, is very drear. Up with the glass! Down with the beer!"

Louis Untermeyer (American, Poet, Anthologist, Critic and Editor, 1885–1977)

TIME:  8:20 PM
PLACE:  Global Brew Tap House & Lounge
SUBJECT:  Seadog Blue Paw Wheat Ale

We actually had a thunderstorm and rain today.  It brought the temperature down, but it made it quite steamy and hazy out.  The HH and I met his brother and sister-in-law for dinner this evening.  Afterwards, we had a drink at the Global Brew Tap House.  I had the Seadog Blue Paw Wheat Ale (with blueberries at the bottom) which was quite tasty.  Thanks, to HH, who took the photo for me tonight. 

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bentonflocke said...

great job from HH - and a nice evening for you all!