Monday, December 5, 2011

St. Nicholas Coins (339/365)

2011 12 05 IMG_1509w
“Golden coins, I’ll place at your feet
Precious jewels to make life complete
All my treasures are yours my sweet”

Golden Coins, words & music by Giant, Baum and Kaye. Performed by Elvis Presley.

TIME:  11:31 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Gold chocolate coins

Tonight is St. Nicholas eve, and the stockings have been hung on the door handles of the children’s bedrooms.  I had planned to get the stocking stuffers at lunch today, but didn’t make it.  I had a Brownie meeting tonight, then had to pick up MB from Boy Scouts at 8:30 – so I didn’t get to leave for the dreaded Wal-Mart until then.  It took me longer than expected.  Can you believe the Mart did not have the chocolate gold coins that St. Nick *always* brings.  So I had to make a trip to Walgreens as well.  Luckily, they were with the program and the tradition has been saved.  ‘Cause if the kids didn’t find gold chocolate coins their stockings, it would have been a tragedy of epic proportions.  At least, that’s what DQ was hinting before I left the house.

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Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

Such coins here are deferred to Christmas Eve. We don't celebrate St Nicholas. I think the shops are missing a trick. Imagine the sales hype if we were persuaded to have both festivals and to buy everything twice!