Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solstice Santa (355/365)

2011 12 21 IMG_1547w
“If you ever have to steal money from your kid, and later on he discovers it's gone, I think a good thing to do is to blame it on Santa Claus”

Jack Handy (American Writer and cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1991-2003. Famous for his Deep Thoughts comedy sketches.)

TIME:  9:33 PM
PLACE:  Home
SUBJECT:  Playmobil Santa

This year, we got out one of our many Playmobil Advent calendars to help countdown the days until Christmas.  Today’s figure was the man in red, Santa Claus, himself.  I was reminded that there are only three more boxes to open until the big event.  I am so not ready.

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