Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mr. Pear (342/365)

2011 12 08 _MG_7331w
"The pear is the grandfather of the apple, its poor relation, a fallen aristocrat, the man-at-arms of our domains, which once, in our humid land, lived lonely and lordly, preserving the memory of its prestige by its haughty comportment."

Francois Pierre de la Varenne (Burgundian, author of Le Cuisinier fran├žois (1651), the founding text of modern French cuisine, 1615–1678)

TIME:  11:49 PM
PLACE:  Christmas tree
SUBJECT:  Ornament

A very happy eBay find earlier this fall.  It’s a chenille armed, drumstick wielding, shiny majorette hat wearing, golden spidery eyelash sporting, red-mouthed grinning, green “velvet” covered pear.  What’s not to like?  I smile every time I see him as I pass by the Christmas tree.

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