Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Day At The Museum (190/366)

2012 07 08 IMG_5065w
Marge: There must be something we can do to encourage Lisa's gift. An art class. Ballet lessons. They have fun things to do at the museum on Saturday.
Homer: Whoa, whoa, Marge. I'm not spending my Saturdays at a museum. Unless... museums don't have foosball do they?

The Simpsons: Season 9, Episode 3, Lisa's Sax(19 Oct. 1997)

TIME:  This afternoon
PLACE:  Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Mt. Vernon, IL
SUBJECT:  The kids, HH and stuff we saw

2012 07 08 IMG_5016wMonkeyBoy “in” a painting.

2012 07 08 IMG_5027w
StellaDella weaving.

2012 07 08 IMG_5028w2012 07 08 IMG_5029w
Chairs in the atrium that I would love to own.

2012 07 08 IMG_5032w
DramaQueen by “Shroud for Crypt 33 - Marilyn Monroe 2007” quilt by Sun Smith-Foret.

2012 07 08 IMG_5046w
HandsomeHusband and SD reflected.

2012 07 08 IMG_5064w
A statue outside.  Sadly, I did not get the name of this statue, nor the sculpture at the beginning of my post and could not find them on the website.

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Julia said...

fantastic pictures. It sounds, that you have a funny day at the museum.