Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things You Might Spy In A Small Town Parade (203/366)

2012 07 21 IMG_5464w
The American Legion Bagpipe Band

2012 07 21 IMG_5474w
A Case Tripl Range tractor.

2012 07 21 IMG_5482w
A tow truck, towing a tow truck, towing a tow truck with a tow truck on it’s bed, towing a Kawasaki Mule with a toy tow truck in its bed.

2012 07 21 IMG_5492w
A man riding a camel-bicycle.  No? Not unusual enough for you?

2012 07 21 IMG_5490w
How about a man riding a hotdog?

2012 07 21 IMG_5499w
A German cuckoo clock float spitting out bubbles from the rear and featuring a German Band.

2012 07 21 IMG_5501w
The accordion player stopped playing just long enough to give a big smile and a wave.

TIME:  6-7 PM
PLACE:  Small town America
SUBJECT:  A parade

Plenty of candy was thrown.  After it was over, everyone headed down to the City park for beer, food, games, rides and music.

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