Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Dry Grass of July (200/366)

2012 07 18 IMG_5282w
Down goeth the grass, soon wrought to withered hay; Ay me alas, ay me alas, that beauty needs must yield And princes pass, as grass doth fade away.

Thomas Proctor (fl. C. 1578), British poet. A Proper Sonnet, How Time Consumeth All Earthly Things (attributed to Proctor) (l. 2-4). . . Oxford Book of Sixteenth Century Verse, The. E. K. Chambers, comp. (1932) Oxford University Press.

TIME:  6:52 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Our lawn

The bad news…the heat and drought conditions have really taken a toll on our (and everybody else’s) lawn.
The good news…HH doesn’t have to mow in this weather.

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Julia said...

It's unbelievebel, what the heat can do with the nature. Here in Germany the summer is not good, cold and rainy. The news says that next week the summer will be come back. I hope it.

Have a fantastic Weekend