Monday, July 2, 2012

He’s So Dreamy (184/366)

2012 07 02 IMG_4864w
Marge: Why do you want Bart? He's not much of a singer.
Smash: Marge, it's not the singing that brings in the Sacagaweas. Bart's a rebel. That's what I need for my new band -- the Party Posse.
[produces a contract. Homer goes to sign it, but Marge stops him]
Marge: Now, hold on; I have some concerns.
Bart: Please, Mom. My dream is to be a rock star.
Homer: And my dream is to get rid of Bart.
Marge: But ...
Homer: How many lives must you ruin?
[indignant] Oh, okay. [signs the contract]

The Simpsons, “New Kids on the Blecch"

TIME:  7:51 PM
PLACE: Kitchen
SUBJECT:  One Direction

I had to pick up a new cooler at Target for this coming Wednesday (we’re going to Six Flags).  DQ and SD came along.  DQ asked me if I would buy a magazine for her – I said yes, not knowing it was going to cost me $9.99!!!  It is from the editors of US - “100 Cutest Guys” with “8 Huge Posters Inside”  Here’s the reason she wanted it – Niall Horan (the blonde at the top).

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