Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Cake (037/365)

2009 02 06 IMG_0533
"This was the bestest birthday party ever!"

StellaDella (Birthday party honoree, b2004)

TIME: 7:38 PM
PLACE: Dining room table
SUBJECT: StellaDella's 5th Birthday cake

Our StellaDella will turn five years old this coming Tuesday the 10th.  Tonight we celebrated with my dad, my brother and my sister and their families and my good friend Denise and her family.  A simple supper of bratwurst, hotdogs, chips and HandsomeHusband's wilted slaw (very yummy!) was served.  StellaDella had talked me into purchasing a piñata after school today (she chose a dragon) and after cake, ice cream and presents, the kids took turns whacking away at it.  Grandpa drew the short straw volunteered to hold it up at the end of a bat.  It was soon decapitated and Tootsie Rolls, beads, squishy dinosaurs, small plastic turtles and rubber monster finger puppets flew from its carcass, landed on the floor and were snatched up by squealing children.  Happily, Grandpa survived his duties without any injuries.  Shortly after the last guest left, StellaDella declared the quote as written above.  Mommy and Daddy are so glad you enjoyed it sweetie...We love you so very much! 


Christina said...

Beautiful birthday cake ~ love the color of the frosting, and the red roses! Happy Birthday, StellaDella!!!

Ev said...

Happy Birthday StellaDella!

Mari said...

What a cute cake, and I love the quote!

SuzyHomemaker said...

Christina - The cake had rasberry filling and ricotta cheese filling between the layers. Yum!

Ev - Thank you! She loves a birthday.

Mari - StellaDella can come up with some classics.