Thursday, February 26, 2009

#%$^&%* Retaining Wall! (057/365)

2009 02 26 IMG_1468 
“Did you hear about the psychic who was involved in a fender bender?
He had an auto-body experience."


TIME: 12:02 PM
PLACE: The back driveway
SUBJECT: Very scraped up bumper

This little mishap actually occurred last night as I was backing out of a parking space after DramaQueen's basketball game.  There was a retaining wall on the other side, it was dark, and DQ was crying and upset about the way the game went down (very aggressive play and they lost).  I was a trifle distracted and misjudged how far back the retaining wall actually was - It obviously was closer than I thought.  I got an estimate today - $528.21 and it will take 2 days to fix.  Ouch.  It's scheduled to go in on March 9th.  Sorry honey!


Dot O said...

Ouch is right!

Bummer... but then we should always look at these things positively - nobody got hurt except the car.

I did damage once driving through the teller window at the bank. I hit one of those post things and basically dented half a car length because I kept driving.

Evil Twin's Wife said...


Sara G said...

Oh darn!!!

Oz Girl said...

drat, don't you just hate it when you do something like that? I have a fairly new car and since my move to the country, the cats have decided it's a nice perch.... sheesh, claw marks all over the hood!!!

SuzyHomemaker said...

Dot O - This is the second time I've "hurt" the Jeep - I did the pole thing last January!

ETW - You said it!

Sara G - I believe a few choice words came out of my mouth, after I told the kids to cover their ears.

SuzyHomemaker said...

Oz Girl - Those pesky cats! ;) I wish I could shift the guilt to something else, but I've only myself to blame in this case.