Friday, May 22, 2009

Dessert Before Dinner (142/365)

2009 05 22 IMG_5441
“Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.”


TIME:  7:48 PM
PLACE:  Maggie Moo's
SUBJECT:  Ice Cream and StellaDella

Summer is almost here, I can feel it!  StellaDella's last day of preschool was today.  They had a "Water Fun" day with water tables and squirt bottles and got to wear their swimming suits to class.   After going to this preschool with one child or another since the fall of 2000, (although we did have a 2-year break from May 2004 to Sept 2006) it will be strange not being there in September.  They had a wonderful program and great teachers.  On the bright side, all 3 of our kiddos will be at one school this fall! 

Tonight, DramaQueen is spending the night at her BFF's house; HandsomeHusband and MonkeyBoy went to see the new "Star Trek" film and SD and I went to the bookstore and then to Maggie Moo's.  After her bowl of vanilla and cotton candy ice cream with marshmallows and sprinkles, she told me she was still hungry and could she get some white noodles (Fettuccini Alfredo) from Fazoli's?  Dinner after dessert?  Why not!  


Christina said...

Yum! Maggie Moo's!

bentonflocke said...

mmmh this ice cream looks delicious!

Have a nice weekend!

Mari said...

Cute story! I love seeing the little bit of blue ice cream on her lip - she's enjoying her ice cream!

Sara G said...

YUMMMMY, the ice cream looks great!!