Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Series Of Inconvenient Events (150/365)

2009 05 30 IMG_5723
"If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you've got a problem.  Everything else is inconvenience." 

Robert Fulghum (American author & essayist, b1937)

TIME: 6:33 PM
PLACE: The back porch
SUBJECT: Fuchsia - Paula Jane 

We had some "issues" today.  First, we attempted to go see the movie "Up" at the 1:15pm matinee. After the previews, about 2 minutes into the Pixar short, "Partly Cloudy" the screen went dark and then the lights went up.  After about 10 minutes, an employee came on stage and announced that they were having technical issues and the movie should resume in about 5 minutes.  Twenty minutes later, we decided to come see it another day.  The theater did offer free refills on sodas and popcorn if you wanted to wait, as well as free movie passes.  We took the passes and will try again tomorrow.

As we were leaving the parking lot, HandsomeHusband noticed that the low tire pressure light was on in the Jeep.  So we stopped by the gas station so HH could check the tires.  He found the reason for the low pressure...a nail in the front driver's side tire.  It was 2:30pm and we went searching for a repair shop that was still open to get it fixed.  After driving by one that was closed and stopping by one that would have taken an hour and a half to fix the tire, we made it to a repair place that fixed it in about 20 minutes.  We made it back home about 3:15pm with 3 very cranky kids. 

I left soon after to go pick up some plants for the two urns at the bottom of my front porch.  I had planned to plant these fuchsias along with some Portulaca Sundial Fuchsia, Celosia New Look, Hypoestes and a Talinum Limon in the purple planter HH gave me.  However, I had left the petunias I planted last year in the pot over the winter and they ended up growing from the seeds and have completely filled in the container nicely.  So, I guess I will just have to go and buy another planter...I am pretty happy about the "free" petunias though!


Mari said...

What a bummer of a day! You did good with the flowers though. I have the very same fuschia!

Sara G said...

Very pretty photo. Sorry your day didn't go as planned!!

Oz Girl said...

Sounds like a fun day ... NOT! I love fuchsias, had them in windowboxes in Ohio. This is a beautiful photo!