Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raspberry Promise (141/365)

2009 05 21 IMG_5401 
"The month of May was come,
when every lusty heart beginneth to blossom,
and to bring forth fruit."

Sir Thomas Malory (English writer, author or compiler of Le Morte d'Arthur, 1405-1471)

TIME:  7:39 PM
PLACE:  The backyard
SUBJECT:  Raspberry blossoms

A quick housekeeping note...we found out today that we will not have DSL until May 26th.  We ended up switching landline and Internet providers due to service issues.  Once the phone lines switched over, we lost DSL service.  So, I still will be very lax in posting comments on everyone's photos.  I apologize profusely for that.  I do plan to go back to last Thursday and look at all the posts I missed!  I will be backdating my posts to reflect the date I took the picture as I am anal about my dates and photos coinciding.  Our city has wi-fi in the downtown area, so I might just go park, sit in my car and use that!

When we first moved in our house, way back in 2001, we purchased some trees and bushes to landscape our yard.  The garden center also gave us a free raspberry bush.  The berry harvest is hindered by the birds eating most of fruit before we can get to them.  Right now, it is just starting to blossom.  A big fat bumblebee was buzzing around and I was taking pictures, but he would not cooperate for a close-up.  Next time my bumbly friend, I will prevail!   


bentonflocke said...

beautiful shot!!

I´ll cross my fingers that time flies and DSL is soon back.

Wish you a wonderful weekend

Mari said...

I didn't know raspberry blossoms could be so pretty!

Sara G said...

Very pretty photo!!
Hope you have a nice holiday weekend!!

Sujomi (SuzyH) said...

bentonflocke - Diaaaaaal up is soooooo slooooooow. I can't wait until Tuesday!

Mari - The fruit is even better! LOL

Sara G - You have a great weekend too!