Sunday, May 24, 2009

Petunia (144/365)

2009 05 24 IMG_5477 
I've gotta gal, oh what a pal
The apple of my eye
With something rare, a peach of a pear
But her dad won't let us meet and I could die

I love Petunia the gardener's daughter
Oooh how that gal can kiss
Her eyes are blue as bluebells
Each cheek a rose to see
How I dance when she plants her two lips on me
I'm as daffy as a daffodil
I long to kiss her all the time
Tonight I'll steal into her garden
And make Petunia's two lips mine

Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett, Elvis Presely, "Petunia, The Gardner's Daughter", Frankie and Johnny, United Artists, 1965

TIME: 2:44 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Petunia

This morning, I casually mentioned to HandsomeHusband that we really needed to start planting something in our flower beds by the front porch.  I said that I would love to have a yellow rose bush and maybe another one in whatever color he liked best.  He left a short time later to run some errands and when he returned, he had two rosebushes (one yellow, one red) and a large hanging planter of purple and red petunias.  Hmmm, so it just doesn't go in one ear and out the other!  Just when I think I am talking to the wall, he surprises me.  He even dug the holes so I could plant them.  StellaDella watered them and only broke one branch off the yellow rose bush by dragging the hose through the flower beds to water the peonies.  I consider that a success. ;) 


Monica said...

I planted my beds this morning as well! 4 flats of annuals, 3 hanging baskets and one very large planter later it's beging to look a lot like spring!

Mari said...

I have impatiants to be planted yet! Those petunias are a beautiful color!

Oz Girl said...

Beautiful photo of the purple petunia. I don't think we're going to get our veggie garden this year, too many other things going on... but I have managed to plant a few flower beds and some pots too. :)

bentonflocke said...

really beautiful colour!! Wonderful flower!!