Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do Not Operate Any Heavy Machinery (133/365)

2009 05 13 IMG_5014
2009 05 13 IMG_5021 
“I have a few cavities. I don't like to call them cavities, though - I like to call them 'places to put stuff'. 'Do you know where I can store a pea?' 'Yes, I have some locations available.'”

Mitch Hedberg (American Comedian, 1968-2005)

TIME: 2:53 PM & 3:24 PM
PLACE:  Pediatric Dental Office 
SUBJECT: MonkeyBoy

MonkeyBoy had his appointment to have his cavity filled today.  I could tell he was a little nervous while we were in the waiting room.  However, he went through the procedure like a champ.  The laughing gas helped a bit with that.  Can you see how much more dilated his eyes are in the second photo?  The dentist and her assistant were exclaiming over how full and red his lips are...they teased him how many women pay good money to get lips
as full as his!


Mari said...

He does have nice lips - and good teeth now too!

Oz Girl said...

Laughing gas? He got laughing gas? I've never gotten LG at the dentist, just the good ole fashioned shot in the gum. Ouch!

Jennifer McDougall said...

Poor guy! That's great that you are capturing all of these great moments. I've never had laughing gas in the chair either. Great shots!

bentonflocke said...

wonderful lips!!

Never heared about laughing gas at the dentist - sure it´s a great thing

Sara G said...

Great pic.
Glad he made it through the procedure okay!!
Thank goodness for laughing gas!!

Christina said...

Oh, that is so NOT fun! But the happy gas helps!

Michelle said...

Ouch! Nothing worse than having to get a filling

Susan said...

Hope it didn't hurt later. Dentists are never fun and I think your pictures prove it--even with the laughing gas.