Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Reunion (283/365)

2009 10 10 IMG_2276 
“If you don't believe in ghosts, you've never been to a family reunion.”  

Ashleigh Ellwood Brilliant (English, author and syndicated cartoonist living in Santa Barbara, California. b1933)

TIME:  6:19 PM
PLACE:  Mascoutah, IL 
SUBJECT:  The extended family

The big family reunion was held today and it went quite well.  I finished the slideshow Thursday evening and HandsomeHusband got me all fixed up with a projector, screen and sound equipment to play the show from my laptop.  He even set everything up last night while I was at the concert so it was ready for today.  He also helped co-ordinate the picture taking of the different family groups.  The photo above is of all the families together. (I am on the far left in the back row, you can just see my face peeking out).  Each group was identified by a particular color…my grandmother’s family all wore navy blue shirts. Green, white and orange were worn by three other lines.  However, we were all outnumbered by the “Purple People” as we called them: my Aunt Marie’s family.  Marie is my Grandaunt and the youngest and last surviving sibling of my grandmother’s family.   I was able to obtain a copy of a video of my grandmother’s oldest sister – who passed away at the age of 97 (almost 98!) in 2003 - being interviewed about her early life.  Love it!  Now we are all supposed to meet again at the same place in late February to make ravioli.  We use a recipe from my grandmother that makes 5,000 at a time.  It is definitely a recipe that it helps to have many cooks in order to get it done!


bentonflocke said...

what great idea with the family reunion!!

Glad you have a video from your grandmother´s oldest sister - that are so important memories!!!

Have a good start in the new week!

Mari said...

What a blessing to have such a big family. Great picture too, and good idea to have different colors for different families.

Sujomi said...

bentonflocke - I so wish I had a similar video of my mom. I told my dad that we need to "interview" him.

Mari - It IS a blessing. Another member set-up a website at so we can keep in touch going forward.

Iona said...

Color-coded relatives - What a grand idea!

And let me guess: Stella Della is the one playing coy out front to the left of middle with the red hair, blue top and skirt with "lattice" stockings on. If it is she, she is a stunner!!
glad to meet your family. :D

Sujomi said...

Iona - You would be correct! She is a pistol.

Christina said...

Yay for your wonderful family reunion get-together! I spotted your three children in the front row! :)