Friday, October 23, 2009

Basketball (296/365)

2009 10 23 IMG_1487 
“This is the second most exciting indoor sport, and the other one shouldn't have spectators.”

Richard "Dick" Vertlieb (American, sports executive, winner of the 1975
NBA Executive of the Year Award, 1930–2008)

TIME: 8:33 PM
PLACE:  The kitchen
SUBJECT:  Basketball

HH was sick today and I had to coach MB’s 5th grade basketball game tonight (with help from another player’s father, thank goodness!).  Waaay outside of my comfort zone, but I survived and I don’t think the boys were too traumatized.  I asked StellaDella to dictate the description of the photo for today.  Talk about “stream of consciousness” writing…have fun reading it!


“This is my brother’s basketball.  His basketball up close looks like a jail-walk and by the way my brother’s name is Monkeyboy.  And this is his basketball.  My sister cheerleads for his football and basketball, just like me.  But my, um, his sister’s are named DramaQueen and StellaDella.  The first kid was born was DQ, then it went MB, then it was me, SD.  Well, this is a property basketball, because it is a special one.  My Dad, that was his basketball, now he gave it to my brother.  If somebody robs our house we need to tell the jail that somebody robbed our house, but we don’t want it robbed, we just keep the door locked so we don’t get robbed and my…you don’t want to steal it, cause my Dad will call the cops.  You don’t want to steal it because it is his old football, no, basketball, I mean.  He was 5, I think, when his mom bought it for him.  You don’t want to rob him.  You don’t want to rob my room because I just got it cleaned.  That’s it.  Oh, my sister, has the flu.  You don’t want to come to our house really, cause she has the flu.  Well, it was nice knowing you, so come to this website and you better look for this basketball picture or if you don’t maybe it’s because you don’t know about it.”


Mari said...

Love the picture, but I think I love SD's narrative the best!

bentonflocke said...

fantastic shot hope HH is feeling better soon