Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pretty OCD Pincushion (294/365)

2009 10 21 IMG_1470 
“Sir, you are like a pin, but without either its head or its point.”

Douglas Jerrold (English Humorist, Playwright and Journalist, 1803-1857)

TIME:  11:25 PM
PLACE:  The Dining room
SUBJECT:  Pincushion

We had the first basketball games of the season tonight.  HH is coaching both the 5th & 6th grade boys.  MB is on the 5th grade team and DQ cheers for the 6th grade team.  MB’s game was at 5pm at one location and the 6th grade game was at 6pm at a different location.  I ended up leaving MB’s game at half-time to get to the other game with the lineup, in case HH was running late from the 1st game.  The 6th grade played an exciting game, but ended up on the losing end 28-26. 

When we got back home, I started to make part of SD’s Halloween costume.  She wants to be a werewolf - “A scary one Mom.”  So I am making a hood with ears.  This is part of my sewing supplies, a pincushion that I made a couple of years ago.  Each time that I use it SD makes sure that all of the pins with the same color heads are placed back together.  If I forget and place a yellow pin in the white area, she has to remove it and place it back in the “right” spot with all of the other yellow pins.  I really can’t make fun of her…I sort my M&Ms into color groups before I eat them – by color groups!


Monica said...

Peas in a pod ... yes we are!

SaraG said...

Very neat photo!! Love all the colors and how they are arranged!

Mari said...

That's a pretty cute pincushion. And - there are worse traits you could pass down!

Sujomi said...

Monica - We must have been sepearated at birth!

SaraG - I got to give that credit to StellaDella...she's the one who sorted them all.

Mari - I guess so, but I'd rather only pass down the good my sparkling personality and sharp wit! ;)

Christina said...

Nothing wrong with color grouping! lol! I do the same with M&Ms too. :)