Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happiness Is A Warm Seat (287/365)

2009 10 14 IMG_1281 
“Happiness does not consist in things, but in the relish we have of them . . .”
François VI, duc de La Rochefoucauld, prince de Marcillac (French, author, accomplished 17th-century nobleman, 1613–1680)

TIME:  7:42 PM
PLACE:  The Jeep
SUBJECT:  Heated seat button

Last week, while running some errands with MonkeyBoy, I pushed the button for the driver’s side heated seat.  It lit up, then went out.  No heat!  MB tried the passenger seat.  His side worked.  I pouted.  In my world, heated seats make the colder weather a tad more tolerable.  I NEED them to survive in the winter.  So I scheduled the Jeep in for service today.  They fixed it quickly and even better, it was covered under warranty – no charge!  Now I can enjoy a warm rear end as I go to work, run errands and chauffer the kids around.  Pure bliss.


SaraG said...

I am glad they were able to fix it and it be under warranty!!
I remember when I had a pick up truck with warming Grandma hit the button turning it on without knowing and as the seat warmed up she thought she had wet her pants because it was getting warm!! Made us both laugh and we laugh each time we remember it!!
Sorry I have been missing from commenting, I have been sick with the flu and just now trying to get caught up!!
Take care

Mari said...

What a blessing to have it under warranty. Heated seats sound wonderful. I'm freezing here already!

bentonflocke said...

great there were still warranty! I need the heated seats, too!

Christina said...

Yes, heated seats are wonderful!